Where to get a passport?

You can get passports from registered agents of the U.S. Department of State such as passport offices or passport expeditors. There are three options where to get a passport depending on how fast you need your passport. If you are not traveling anytime soon, for example you are leaving in the next three months then you could apply at the post office and mail out your new passport, passport renewal, add pages, child passport, or lost passport replacement.

If you do not need a quick passport you go to the post office and they will mail it to the national passport center which usually takes up to 6 weeks to complete. The post office also offers an expedited passport service which could take anywhere up to 4 weeks door-to-door with additional fees applying as well as additional shipping fees.

Cant wait? Get your passport in 24 – 48 hours

If you’re traveling within 21 days you could try and make an appointment at a regional passport center. If you do get an appointment, you must appear in person with all the required documentation at the exact time of the appointment.  Doing it yourself might requiring traveling, losing a day off of work or school depending on your situation. A thing to remember is appointments aren’t readily available until a few days after you probably need them.

The fastest option is using a registered passport expediting service where you can book a passport service online or walking to a retail locations. Passport expeditors are registered couriers with U.S State Department regional agencies where they have the ability to obtain passports the same-day or as quick as you need them. There is additional service fees that do apply but this is a great solution for people if they’re busy or can’t make it to the regional passport agency in time

Where to get passport applications?

ALL the passport applications and forms can be found online here or at your local passport office.