Passport Forms

One of the most confusing things when applying for a US passport is which application form to fill out for your particular situation. Below  are the explanation of each form that will help guide you what the correct passport application you will need. There are 5 main forms which are the DS11, DS82, DS3053, DS64 and DS4085.

When applying for a new US passport either for an adult or child, if you have lost your US passport or if you need a replacement the main passport form that you will be filling out is the DS-11 new passport application form. Then you will need an additional form to complete the process. For a passport renewal you will fill out the DS-82 renew passport application. For a child passport you will need to complete the DS-3053. To Add pages to your passport form you will need to utilize the DS-4085 application.

These forms can be filled out online by downloading them from the links below. You can also use the US Department of State online form application wizard or you could print out your form and fill it out by hand.

DS-11 New passport application form

DS-82 Renew passport application form

DS-3053 Child passport application form

DS-64 Lost or stolen passport replacement application form

DS-4085 Add Pages passport application form