Child Passport – How to Get a Child Passport?

A child passport is required for American citizens under the age of 15 traveling outside of the United States. A new child passport is required for international travel even if traveling to Canada or driving over the border to Mexico your child must have a valid US passport.

If you’re traveling within the next 30 days and a child passport or visa is required you can use a registered US passport expediting service. We are registered and can get a new child passport within 24 hour if needed. All is a vital document expediting service that specializes in obtaining your passport as quickly as you need it before your trip.

Requirements for getting a new child passport.

  1. Completed  DS 11 application form
  2. you will need to fill out a letter of authorization
  3. 2 new passport photos
  4. the child’s original birth certificate
  5. (For expedited service only ) you will need confirmed international travel plans whether it’s a hotel
    confirmation or IE ticket.

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The government fees for a new US passport here is as follows, the US Department of State receives $140 made payable to the US Department of State. The post office fees $25 for viewing your child and executing the hand carry application.

Once you have all your documents in order, you are going to get your application then you need to visit your local post office. Its important that you remember the child needs to be present, it’s the law. If both parents cannot be present one parent has to give consent to the other parent utilizing the DS 3053 consent form which must be notarized. The appropriate identification must be photocopied.

Once the passport acceptance agent at the post office verifies the documentation and sees the child they will ask the parents to sign the application form. Parents must pay the applicable fees, seal the application, original birth certificate and all of the required documentations into a sealed hand carried envelope and give it back to the applicant.

Now you’re ready to mail your documents for a new child passport. If you need a fast child passport send your hand carried envelope to be expedited utilizing a registered passport expediter.  Getting your child passport quickly does include charges for the service depending on how fast you need your passport expedited. The fees start as low as $79 for 8 to 14 days but work up to almost $300 for 24 hour service.

Get a Child passport in 24 – 48 hours