Travel Tips: The Best Cities of Ireland

best city of ireland dublin

Dublin? Cork? Galway? Which Is The Best City to Visit?

best cities of irelandSure there may be 39 U.S. States that are larger than the whole country of Ireland, but size doesn’t matter when you are in a country so full of life and culture. If you are traveling to  country you might be asking yourself which city is the best to stay in. Galway, Cork, and Dublin are the three most visited cities in Ireland and rightfully so! Ranging from their lively nightlife, picturesque nature landscapes, or the friendly Irish people you really can’t go wrong it is however good to know the differences in the areas before deciding. So if you’re on a budget for your trip to Ireland or if you have all the money in the world- learn a little more about the best cities of Ireland.

best city of ireland dublin Dublin:

After all, Dublin is the capital of Ireland so of course this is a great first stop for any traveler. There is plenty to see and do in this thriving Irish city. For sightseeing one can visit the Guinness Store House, National Museum of Art, Dublinia, Viking Splash Tour, and Trinity College to name a few must-see stops. Dublin is the largest city in Ireland with over 1 million inhabitants, but that does not mean that you cannot see a lot of its best spots without a personal mode of transportation which is another bonus to this city. By foot travelers can visit the Killiney beach in the day and end up at some of the best pubs in the city center by night.

best city of ireland galwayGalway:

Galway, on the far west coast of the country, is known for being the best competitor to Dublin and the rivalry is an age old one. Galway is known for being more affordable in regards to accommodations as opposed to Dublin. This city is also large, but not as big as the capital so it is less rushed and arguably cleaner. There are only a handful of clubs, however the amount of pubs appears to be endless. Galway also sits on the coast, therefore there are a lot of options for beaches, kayaking, and surfing. The Cliffs of Moher are also nearby which is a bonus for tourists. The Salthill Promenade is also a must- see for visitors. Here you can walk the Promenade and take in all the beautiful views of the bay and at the end don’t forget to kick the wall across from the diving boards as per local tradition for good luck.

best city of ireland corkCork:

Cork is the 17th century city that the locals prefer to refer to it as ‘the real capital of Ireland’. The city stretches over the waterfront and is filled with pubs with live music and the friendly local Irish people. Although this city was hit badly by the economic recession it is now completely revitalized and full of authentic culture more than ever before.  The Georgian Grand Parade, English Market, St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral and St. Patrick’s Bridge are must- see stops for visitors. Cork is also known for being home to perhaps the best food scene in the whole country, so bring your appetite! Cork is a perfect location if you are seeking a true, Irish experience.
Regardless which city you choose to travel to, you won’t regret it! The Irish people are known for being friendly and welcoming, and their country will provide days of entertainment (that will usually end with a few pints). So grab your passport and head across the pond. And remember, Americans traveling to Ireland do not need a visa. You only need a valid passport and you’re ready to see the Emerald Isle. If you are an avid traveler, check out the recently released iPhone app called My Passport & Visa App. This new app puts all the passport and visa requirements directly in your phone for easy reference and access. Download the My Passport & Visa App today.