Second passport

Frequent travelers sometime require having more then one passport. Int his case the State Department issues what is called a second duplicate passport to these individuals.

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The reason why citizens apply for second duplicate passport is, they are traveling frequently to countries where they need visa entry stamps and put it into their passport but they will be away overseas and neither passport. So as a citizen that travels frequently and needs visa stamps you are entitled to have a second passport that’s valid for one year enabling you to have two passports one past but while you’re traveling well the other passport maybe in the consulate getting a visa stamp
and put it in it.

In order to obtain a second duplicate passport it’s similar to ordering at passport renewal you need to DSA to your passport book new photos and if you need expedited passport services you will need proof of travel the government fees are $170 and if you choose to use a registered passport expediter to obtain your passport and 14 days they charge a service fee as well.

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