Passport Information

The passport information section is your source to learn about everything there is to know about getting a U.S.Passport. There are several different types of passports and different requirements for each application. Understanding the passport process will make getting your passport much better because you will be properly prepared. If you are need of an emergency passport we’ll teach you about the Passport Expediting service offered by

Types of Passports

  1. New Passport
  2. U.S. Passport Renewal
  3. Child Passport
  4. Add Passport Pages
  5. Lost or Stolen Passport
  6. Expedited Passport

Here is a list of F.A.Q for the most common questions. Read the tips section for helpful information on how to protect your passport and safeguard your documents.

List of worldwide locations for American Citizen Services including Emergency contacts.

Where to get a passport?

United States Regional Passport Agencies

International US Embassies, consulates, diplomatic missions

How to get a passport from outside the United States?

Things you may need to get passport

Confirmed Travel Plans – to show when your traveling

Birth Certificates – a vital record used to obtain a new passport and show proof of birth location

Identifying witness – needed for an individual who does not have proper identification

Non Receipt of Passport – for missing passport that where delivered from from the U.S Department of State

Sample business Letter – this is used for providing proof of identity and travel purposes

Acceptance Agents – these are people that can certify a passport application

Passport Record – this is your passport file with the State Department, used to verify American citizenship

Second Duplicate Passport – a duplicate passport book usually used by frequent travelers

Passport Correction – if you have a printing error or need your personal information changed.

Electronic Passport – Epassport is a passport book with an micro chip in it.

Immigration Law

International Driver License

Second Duplicate Passport