How to Make Changes to Your Passport

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If any errors should occur on your passport book or passport card, it can be fixed at any time of its validity. This includes if it has been used for previous travel, or issued to you years ago then when you go to use it you spot the issues. If any printing errors occur with your passport services such as a misspelled name, incorrect gender, duplicate page numbers, printing misalignments, etc. can and must be resolved by the submission of a filled out DS-5504 form as well as the documents below.

Making Changes to Your Passport

1. Form DS-5504: Name Change, Data Correction, and Limited Passport Book Replacement
2. The passport book or card containing the error.
3. A signed statement explaining the error.
4. Acceptable evidence showing the correct data (an original certified birth certificate or Naturalization Certificate or a complete and unaltered photocopy of marriage certificate showing a seal and officiate/judge signature).

There is no fee for the correction of a passport agency printing error. If you choose to obtain the corrected passport in person then you do not need to make an appointment or to have proof of travel. If you decide to send it by post you should clearly write “URGENT ATTENTION: CORRECTION” on the outside of the envelope.

Some addition things to know about submitting a passport for correction is that the amount of time after it has been issued differentiates how to go about this process. If your passport book or passport card needs to be replaced within 30 days of issuance it will have a new issue and expiration date, but will keep the original book/card number.

If your passport book/card is up to 90 days of issuance then please refer to the items 1-4 above and submit those to the agency that issued your passport. In this event, no new photos are required for your passport resubmission.

If your passport book/card is as of 91+ days of issuance then send it to the address on DS-5504 and include the documents 1-4 above as well. However, in this event a new photo must be submitted as well.

If your passport is more than one year old, you will need to apply for a new passport and provide proof of the change/update needed.

Routine passport processing can take 4-6 weeks or longer. If you need your passport sooner, please consider expediting with us as quickly as 24 hours. We can help you get your passport as fast as you need it!