Lost passport or Stolen Passport

What do you do when you have just realized you have a trip planned within the next  30 days and you can not find your passport. You look for your passport book all over your home and cannot locate it. Then you realize your passports lost.  Don’t stress! AllPassport.com can help you replacing your passport book or passport card so you could travel and make your trip on time.

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How do you get your passport replaced?

First you need the proper documents that are required. The process is like applying for a passport for the first time with a few additional forms to complete the passport replacement process. The main form that needs to be completed is the DS 11 new passport application form as well as the DS 64 loss passport application form if you’re using a registered passport expediter like AllPassport.com you’ll have to fill out a letter of authorization.  You will need two passport photos and provide proof of citizenship such as either a birth certificate or an old expired passport. Each applicant need a valid form of identification to use as proof of identity, a drivers license must be valid for more than six months.

Once you have all the required documents in order you will then proceed to the US Postal Service or the County Clerk or even some libraries in your town made except passport application forms what you figure out where you’re going you will hand in the documents any appropriate fees appear in person sign your application forms the postal exceptions agent or registered acceptance agent will verify your documents put everything in a hand carried envelope and take it to your local passport office. If you are traveling within 30 days  or need to get your stolen passport replaced as soon as possible then  you need a passport expediter to help you. Instead of using the normal passport office you will need to hire a registered passport expediter to get your passport.

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What are the fees to replace a lost passport or a stolen passport?

The fees for replacing a US passport are the government fee. If it’s a child’s lost passport the government fee breakdown is $140 to the US Department of State and $25 to the postal acceptance agent if you’re an adult, meaning over the age of 16 the US Department of State is paid $170 and the Post all acceptance agent gets paid $25.

To get a replacement passport by  a professional passport expediting company there are additional charges or service fee on top of the Government fee. You can get our great passport replacement service starting at $79 and not have to worry about anything. We get you back to traveling on time all the time.