How do we work?

Getting a passport by yourself can take a lot of time and involves properly completing several documents with very strict rules to follow. This is where can help you secure your passport quickly. Read below to learn how we get your passport fast.

This is how our passport expediting process works.

To begin  select a service. Then proceed to fill out our online order form. The online order form will ask for detailed information about the applicant as well as trip information and how quickly you need to expedite your passport.

When you complete the online order form you will be directed to our secure payment gateway. This is where you will book an expedited passport slot with our expediting service and complete your secure payment.

After payment is verified and secured you will be directed to our easy-to-use instructional check list with all the application forms. This includes the requirements in order to complete your passport expediting request. An email will also be sent with your receipt and all the  proper passport expediting instructions. View the Instructions here.

Each service requires it’s own appropriate checklist. Make sure you select the right checklist that suits your individual needs.

Once you complete the instructional checklist, you’re ready to send out your passport application to our Passport expediting facility. When we receive your expedited passport application and documents we hand carry them to the U.S. Department Of State. Our professional passport carriers  are prepared early in the morning ready to hand carry your passports and visas to the appropriate agencies.

When your passport application is approved and completed by the State Department they will issue your passport to our couriers by hand. We will verify all the documents are correct and quickly contact the applicant directly. If you pay for overnight shipping will be send the passport directly to the applicant’s address on file as soon as possible.

That is how we get your passport done on time and securely within the time frame you requested. Should you have any questions before processing your expedited passport request please do not hesitate to contact us.

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