How To Fill Out My Passport Application Online

https://pptform.state.govWhen a person wants to fill out their passport application online they will first need to read the privacy act and paperwork reduction act statements and check that they have done so.  They can then begin filling out the application.

The person will use the Passport Application Wizard as a guide as they fill out the application.  The wizard will ask specific questions and these questions are the same ones that a person would answer if they were filling out the application by hand.

Everyone who fills out these applications needs to enter their last name, first name, middle name, date of birth and city and state where they were born.  They will also need to state whether they are male or female, list their social security number, mailing address, phone number, email address and any other names they have used in the past.  If this is the first time that they are applying for a passport, they will also have to list their parents’ information.

The wizard makes filling out the application easy since it walks everyone through the steps one at a time.  It is not possible to miss a question while using the wizard.  The wizard will not allow anyone to continue with the application until everything is filled out completely and accurately.

Once a person has completely filled out the application online, they will need to print it out and take it to a passport facility.  No one should ever sign the application until they are instructed to do so.  If it is signed before it should be, the application will not be valid and it will have to be completed all over again.  The person will also need to take proper documentation with them when they go to the passport facility.  This documentation will include a birth certificate, a photo id, a passport photo and payment for the fees for the passport application.

When a person uses the Passport Application Wizard to fill out their application online, they will not have to worry about whether or not anyone can read their writing.  All of the information will be typed clearly, which will make the processing of the application much faster.

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