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We do not charge for submitting a file form search when you make a purchase. Please contact us for this service.

Download: Request for file search & verification form

This is for anyone person who has no identification such as license or recently expired passport or birth certificate.

What do you do when you’ve lost your birth certificate and you have been issued a
prior passport but cannot locate any of these vital documents that prove you are US citizen?

Here is a solution through the State Department. Since you’ve already had a US passport, they will do something called a “File Form Search” the file search form goes in addition to applying for your new passport.

The cost for the file search is $150 which. It may be expensive now but if you need your rush passport service in a hurry this is a great solution opposed to waiting for your birth certificate to come in the mail you could also apply for your birth certificate at the department of mental health and hygiene in your county or you can use