Expedited Passport – How to Get an Expedited Passport?

What is an expedited passport?

An expedited passport book for people that need a passport fast. An expedited passport is when you apply to get your passport book faster than the slow routine processing time. In other words, an expedited passport is rush passport service to get your passport fast.  If you need an expedited passport, you will need to use an expedited passport service. There are a few options to get expedited passport service either through a passport agency or a registered passport expediting service.

Routine processing times for a passport can take 4-6 weeks or longer. If you are traveling within 30 days or have to travel for an emergency situation, you’ll need a better and faster option. An expediting passport service can get your travel documents processed quickly, safely, and securely.

Get your expedited passport in 24 to 48 hours

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There are three ways to get your passport expedited.

    1. The local post office can expedite passport applications but this is often the slowest of the expedited options. The post office will mail out your application but that can take up 2-3 weeks or longer if there are any issues with your passport application.
    2. The State Department also offers an expedited passport option. This option is not for everyone as you will need to live near a Regional Passport Agency and may times an appointment is required. You have to be there within 15 minutes of your appointment and have all the proper paperwork completed. They will not accept you without an appointment and you must be on time. Doing it yourself can be very stressful and time-consuming because it involves important paper work and can take all day while you wait in line.  That means you have to wait and might spend your whole day trying to get a passport. For many people, it also means time off from school or work and to be present. For child passports, both parents and the child will need to be present. This is often not convenient for many travelers that need a passport fast.
    3. The third option is using a registered passport expediting service like ALLpassport.com.  We offer expedited U.S. Passport services in all 50 states. We can expedite your passport as quickly as 24 hours. Our team of passport professionals will make sure you understand the process and are available for any questions during the process. Once we get your documents, we will hand deliver the applications to the U.S. Department of State Passport Agency. The passport is processed and we then overnight deliver your documents and passport right to you. This option will take away a lot of the stress, headaches and wait. Let All Passport make getting a passport easy for you, and order your service online with us today. Registered passport expediters charge a service fee in addition to the government fee. We can obtain your passport easily in a very time sensitive situations ensuring your make your travel plans.


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