DS-82 Renew Passport application form

ds82 renew passport application form

DS-82 renew passport application

passport renewal

Download: DS-82 renewal passport application

The DS-82 is the application for individuals to apply for a passport renewal service.

A passport expires usually after 10 years time. You need to renew your passport if  your passport has been expired for less than five years or it is going to expire within the next six months.

The DS-82 application requires a passport photo as well as descriptive information including your name, date of birth, social security number, where you were born, your current passport number, descriptive information like  height, as well as an emergency contact. Unlike the DS-11, the DS-82 form can be signed by the applicant without going to an acceptance agent. Once the form is complete you will need to send this application form with your passport book and the appropriate fees to either the state department directly or to a registered passport expediting facility. Click here to get your passport renewed in 24 -48 hours

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