DS 11 Passport application Form

Download: DS-11 new passport application

To apply for a new passport you must fill out this application. The DS11 form asks for a lot of descriptive information such as you name, address, date of birth, social security number, address where you want your passport to be delivered. If you are not using a registered passport expediting service they will ask on the application your parents names, first name, last name, the country they were born in, and if they’re US citizens. This  information it is not required but the more information the better for the US Department of State when applying for a passport.

You will have to list an emergency contact. It must be someone who is not flying with you on this current trip. It will all also ask you if you’ve ever used any other names or an AKA which is mandatory to complete. Please read the DS 11 form thoroughly as you can see on the page where you are supposed to sign it, it says “do not sign until authorized by the appropriate authorized acceptance agent“. This means do not sign this form until told to do so by the proper authority. You have to sign this application form in front of a federal or non-federal acceptance agent. Acceptance agents are government related agencies such as the United States post office, County Clerk, and some registered libraries. Once you sign your DS 11 form in front of an authorized acceptance agent they will then either mail it out to the appropriate location or package it for your registered expediting service into a hand carry envelope.

NEW** On the new DS 11 form you can  select if you want a 26 page book or if you’re frequent traveler you could apply for a 52 page book right at inception. This is great for people that travel often.

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