Confirmed Travel plans

flight ticket

Sample Flight Ticket

To get your  passport or travel visa fast you must provide proof of travel by providing confirmed travel plans. If you choose to use a registered passport expediting service or go to make an appointment at one of the regional passport agencies you will need to show confirmed travel plans.

These travel plans are either a business letter from your employer, an email print out the tickets or an itinerary from your travel agent. This states your trip date, your name, your airline, if you are flying, if you’re driving across the border to Mexico or Canada or going on the cruises to the Caribbean you will need hotel confirmation, an event invitation, a letter from your family stating their address in that country and that they’re inviting you to stay in their residence

Bottom line is you need to show proof of travel in order to get your passport expedited it must be within 14 days or if you need a visa entry stamp you can show proof of travel within 30 days.