Are Expedited Passport Services Worth It?

Do you need a passport soon? How long does a passport take to process? If you are traveling in the next two months, you should consider expediting your passport application. For travelers with urgent travel needs, you will NEED to expedite your passport. Though for some applicants, expediting is simply a preferred method. Expedited passport services can be one of two things: a lifesaver or a convenience. It will depend on your situation and need. Many passport applicants are not even aware they need expedited passport processing. If your passport is expiring soon or even has some time left, you may still need to get your passport renewed prior to your trip!

Should I expedite my passport?

Are Expedited Passport Services Worth It?Some travelers just want their passport fast. And in a world where convenience is king, why complicate the luxury of having your passport expedited and personally delivered to your home or office? We get that and are happy to help. Here are your options:

The typical route of locating your local passport agency arriving in person and applying for a passport takes, on average, 4-7 weeks. Getting expedited services through a US passport agency takes about 2-3 weeks. You will need to pay the additional $60 government fee on top of the application fees.

If you qualify for an adult passport renewal, you can get your passport even faster. A registered passport courier service can expedite your passport as quickly as 24 hours if you want! However, most services offer many expediting options so you have flexibility with your passport renewal. There is also the option to expedite through a regional passport agency. However, you will need to live near an agency, must get an appointment, and be traveling for 5 days. And of course, if you are applying for a child passport (15 or younger) or a first-time passport, or to replace a lost or stolen passport, you will need to have proof of travel plans.

Travel Plans Required to Expedite a Passport

Travel plans are often required for expediting a passport. Proof of confirmed travel should be a flight ticket, e-ticket, or confirmed travel itinerary. Usually, your travel plans must be within the next 14 days (or 30 days if a visa is required). There is often no way around this requirement.

Is getting an expedited passport worth the money?

This is a question that only can be justified by you, the consumer and traveler. Think about the following to assist in making up your mind:

1.) Cost of transportation/time off work: How much will you have to pay in gas money to get to your local US passport agency? There are only 26 locations which mean the chances of it being near are not the best. How much will you spend on parking? Will you have to take the day or half a day off of work in order to avoid the inevitable long lines? If you are attempting a “walk-in” appointment, can you afford going back a second time in the event you cannot be serviced? Usually, an appointment is required and they can fill up fast.

2.) Can you put a price on your time?: How often do you find yourself saying, “There’s just not enough time in one day?” Especially when planning a vacation! It can be overwhelming and we are telling you it doesn’t have to be. In addition, do you have enough time off work to be able to physically attend a passport agency for help? Do you loathe standing in 1-3 hour lines? To some travelers this is priceless.

3.) Your sanity: This might seem a bit silly, but it’s true… Is your sanity worth the fees to hire a private registered passport courier service?


How passport expediting works & can it be trusted?

Fastport Passport Trustpilot ReviewsWe are pleased to ensure you that our private expedited services can be trusted and they are government approved. When you think about sending all your private information in the mail you want to ensure it is 100% trusted and we can promise that our services are. There are many courier companies that are not certified that consumers need to beware of, so always check their reputation first. Use a trusted, professional company that works.